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Debunking the History of Race Science

Image credit: Racist pseudo-science has been used to justify discriminatory and bigoted behaviour for centuries. Through the years, scientific racism has taken many forms, all with the goal of co-opting objective knowledge to justify racial inequality. At this point I think it’s important to say this:  There is no scientific or biological definition of race.Race is a social construct that humans have created to categorise and label individuals based upon appearance and background. Historical “Race Science”  The foundations of scientific racism was cemented during the 1700s and early 1800s. Many scientists in Europe and the Americas pursued studies in… Read More »Debunking the History of Race Science

Paper Plane Proteins: Modelling Types of Genetic Mutations – Hands on Activity

Cancer is caused by genetic changes in our DNA. Whether it is DNA damage caused by UV rays, or an unlucky spelling mistake in our genes that we are born with, or have picked up over time.  This workshop aims to provide you with an understanding of what DNA is, its role in coding for genes and the impact that DNA changes have on proteins and therefore human disease, such as cancer.  Originally developed with high school students in mind, the content of the workshop should be complementary to a biology GCSE syllabus.  After an introduction to DNA, mutations and proteins, you are invited to make paper plane models alongside the demonstration. Each… Read More »Paper Plane Proteins: Modelling Types of Genetic Mutations – Hands on Activity