The Science of Lifestyle-Based Diets Blog

For LIVE with Scientists’ Diet and Nutrition month, we wanted to explore the science behind four lifestyle-based diets commonly mentioned in the media. Below we discuss some of the research and studies investigating the health benefits of a Mediterranean, Vegan, Ketogenic and Gluten-Free diet. It is advisable to consult with a medical specialist before making drastic changes to your diet. Mediterranean Diet The Mediterranean diet is often mentioned in news articles and TV shows in association with healthy living, but what is a Mediterranean diet? In short, the Mediterranean diet is based on the eating habits and traditional foods of the… Read More »The Science of Lifestyle-Based Diets Blog

LwS Anniversary Month Sum-Up

This month we will be hosting various events in celebration of our 1 year anniversary! Links to everything we’re doing this month can be found below! For our monthly agenda, please visit this blog: For details about this month’s competitions, please follow this link: To register for our “Research and You: Why science needs you” panel with University of Manchester scientists on the role of the public in their research: To register for our Science Pub Quiz: To register for our Research & You panel with Autism@Manchester: To read our first Citizen Science blog on… Read More »LwS Anniversary Month Sum-Up