PANEL EVENT: Women In STEM | Tuesday 20th July 2021 @12:00pm

This event welcomes four incredible women who have a wealth of experience working in the often challenging world of STEM, who will give an insight into their personal journeys, thoughts and advice to future generations of female researchers.

The discussion will include:

  • Nicola Flaum: a medical doctor training to be a medical oncologist who has taken time out of clinical training to complete her PhD in cancer genomics.
  • Josephine Moran: a postdoc researching intracellular infections using live cell imaging.
  • Sue Astley: started out with a maths degree, worked as an astronomer and cosmic ray physicist, then completed a PhD in Medical imaging and began a career in academia.
  • Devin Simpkins: PhD student in the field of circadian science.

They will also answer questions from our audience, so make sure you submit any points you would like us to discuss.

Join us for lunch on our YouTube Channel at 12pm on the 20th July 2021.