LIVE TALK | Physics & Neurodegenerative Diseases | 18:30 (UK time), 13 July 2021

We are delighted to announce that Dr Yolanda Ohene will be speaking to us about her research and experiences on Tuesday 13th July 2021 at 18:30 UK time.

Here is some more information about her research:

General: Postdoctoral researcher in the Neuroimaging Group at The University of Manchester specialising in developing MRI technique for neurodegenerative diseases.

Awards: Dr Yolanda Ohene, a MSci Physics graduate and now a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Manchester, is a British Science Award 2021 Lecture Winner for Agriculture, Biological and Medical sciences with the topic ‘A window into the brain.’ In her lecture, Yolanda will discuss how she has used MRI technology to develop new, ground-breaking techniques for getting inside the head. 
By visualising the way water molecules move through the blood vessels in the brain, she is bringing together biology and physics to revolutionise the way we approach brain health.

Minorities in STEM: “After my MSc I started doing science communication work, which led me to co-found Minorities in STEM – because often the audiences of the science shows that we were doing were so dissimilar to ourselves, and also in the labs and places of work we had all experienced being isolated at some point along the way. We thought it was a nice way to showcase other minority scientists and lift each other up.
The academic system is not really built for minorities to succeed. If we are still many years away from gender equality then equality for ethnic minorities is behind that. In science, I’d like to see a breaking down of intellectual elitism. The dissemination of scientific informationis done in quite an old-fashioned and inaccessible way; if that is transformed then it might seem more welcoming and more open to a more diverse group of people.”