Live Talk | Living in Low Oxygen: Another Tool in Cancer’s Survival Kit | 18:30 (UK time), 18th May 2021.

Dr Isabel Pires – Cancer Biologist and Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Hull.

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18:30 (UK time), 18 May 2021. 

Did you know that there are areas in a tumour that have virtually no oxygen at all? How can cancer cells survive in these conditions? How does this impact on treatment? In this talk we will discuss how cancer cells can hijack the process by which the tissues in our body respond to low oxygen conditions, not only to survive in these conditions, but also to become even more aggressive and resistant to therapy. We will also hear how scientists are using this knowledge to better target and kill cancers.

About the Speaker:

Dr Isabel Pires is a cancer biologist and lecturer in biomedical sciences at the University of Hull. Isabel is particularly interested in the biology of low oxygen in tumours (tumour hypoxia), and how we can target this to improve anticancer treatments and diagnosis. Isabel is an avid science communicator, who can be found at events such as festivals and science cafes geeking out about cancer biology. She is a TEDx alumna, co-organises the Beverley Café Scientifique, and organised the Soapbox Science Hull to improve the visibility of our local female scientists.

Dr Pires handling samples inside a hypoxia chamber