LIVE Q&A | Where Next With Wearables | 18:30 (UK time), 8 February 2021.

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18:30 (UK time), 8 February 2021.


‘My research investigates all aspects of how electronics interface with biology, particularly for wearable devices and personal health monitoring. This involves hardware – making electronics which can flex and stretch so that they better connect to the body. It also involves software – making artificial intelligence which can make sense of body signals, even in the presence of lots of interference (from devices which don’t connect very well to the body). In the Q&A session, I would like to talk about future directions in wearable technology, from the engineering perspective. How can we increase the accuracy of current devices? How can we improve the battery life? Can we make flexible electronics to go inside the wearable, allowing it to curve with your body rather than sitting on top? How do wearables go beyond ‘just monitoring’ to become closed-loop monitor+treat devices? There are lots of technical directions and improvements coming which will make next generation wearables very different from those we have today.’

Watch the trailer below to get more of an idea about the Q&A and prep your questions!

The Speaker

I’m an academic researcher at the University of Manchester. I did my undergraduate degree in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, and PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London, before moving to Manchester in 2013. My research is very multi-disciplinary, and within my team I supervise people from backgrounds in circuit design, signal processing, materials science, psychology, and medicine. This multi-disciplinary expertise is really important for making sure our technologies are suitable for use by a wide range of different users. I coordinate outreach activities for the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Manchester, and have a long history of visiting schools and running events. I also perform a lot of open research, with our code (e.g. and data (e.g. publicly available. Outside of work I am a keen runner, and looking forwards to my 9th marathon when COVID restrictions allow. 

What We Need From You

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