How To Build A Bug Hotel

During our ‘Environment Month’, we have explored colour and sex changes in marine animals, removing carbon from our oceans and the impact of climatic changes on brown trout, embryonic sharks and tuna. You may be thinking, what about the environment that’s a little closer to home? Well, we have that covered too.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is the largest charity dedicated to conservation in the UK. Their work involves establishing and maintaining nature reserves in order to protect the UK’s most vulnerable species of bird (and a variety of other wildlife that take refuge in the reserves). The RSPB also runs the Centre for Conservation Science which aims to solve the world’s most pressing challenges in regards to conservation.

As part of their vital work, the RSPB has produced a fabulous guide to making your very own, DIY hotel for bees and bugs – especially the solitary bee which, unlike honeybees, prefer to nest alone within tubes rather than in giant hives. This may be an interesting project for during lockdown which helps you to think of the summer ahead, and gives your local wildlife a brand new niche to nestle in.

Let us know if you have a go, and send us a picture of the final product by email ( – we would love to see them and share them on our social media platforms.