LIVE talk | How To Create A Planet | 18:30 (UK time), 30 November 2020.

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18:30 (UK time), 30 November 2020.


My research focuses on using meteorites to unravel the early evolution of the solar system. Specifically, I am studying how the chaotic disk of dust and gas that existed in our solar system immediately following the ignition of the Sun transformed into an organised collection of orbiting planetary bodies, and the early thermal and chemical evolution of these bodies. I do this by studying the magnetism and chemistry of a variety of extraterrestrial samples. 

The Speaker

My name is James Bryson, and I am a planetary scientist working in the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford. I did my undergraduate and PhD at the University of Cambridge before conducting post-doctoral research at MIT and Cambridge. I started as the Assoicate Professor of Mineralogy at Oxford in January 2020. 

Check out this short video introduction by Dr Bryson

What We Need From You

To facilitate the Q&A session, please leave your questions in the comment section below. Our host will collate them in advance for the speaker to answer during the talk. You are of course very welcome to ask questions live as well.
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  1. By comparison with our solar systems distribution of gas giants, would it be possible to infer the likelihood of earth like planets in other systems by the distribution of gas giants in these systems which are more easily detectable with current techniques?

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