A University of Manchester Study on Primary Care Services: Participants Needed

A University of Manchester study on continuity of care is looking for members for its Patient and Public Involvement group.

We are a team of researchers in The University of Manchester Division of Pharmacy and Optometry and the Institute of Health Policy and Organisation.

Changes to how primary care services are delivered are happening that aim to improve patients’ access to a greater range of services. However, we don’t know what impact these changes will have on continuity of care for patients e.g. whether they will affect their ability to see the same clinician if you want or need to. We want to investigate patients’ views and experiences of continuity of care so we can understand how it might be affected by the changes.

Patient and Public Involvement groups involve members of the public sharing their unique knowledge, expertise and perspectives to help to shape the strategy and content of a study.

We are inviting up to 4 people from each of these categories to join our Public and Patient Involvement group:

  1. Adults over 65 years old who are taking 10 or more medications
  2. Adults with a diagnosis of mild to moderate depression and/or anxiety
  3. Working age adults aged 18-45 years using primary care services

In particular, we are looking for people who are located within Greater Manchester and who may be able to attend Zoom meetings or future face to face meetings if and when that becomes possible (with flexibility for those with mobility issues).

Taking part in this Patient and Public Involvement group will involve meeting with the project team approximately 2-3 times a year between Nov 2020 and April 2023 to:

  • Help write and design study resources/materials which are intended for patients
  • Help with recruitment of patient participants
  • Provide input based on the research based on direct experience of the topic being investigated.
  • Provide advice on how to share findings to a wide audience, in a way patients and the public can understand

Participants will be reimbursed for their time for meetings attended. For further details please contact: Dr Ali Hindi at ali.hindi@manchester.ac.uk