LIVE talk | Psychedelic Medicine | 18:30 (UK time), 12 October 2020.

LIVE streaming at YouTube 18:30 (UK time), 12 October 2020. Summary Professor Jo Neill will discuss how and why she came to be so committed to psychedelic medicine, and her new projects with Drug Science, Heroic Hearts UK, and the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group. The Speaker Jo Neill is...

LIVE talk | Genetic Diagnostic Testing for Nervous System Tumours | 18:30 (UK time), 22 September 2020.

LIVE streaming at YouTube 18:30 (UK time), 22 September 2020. Summary ‘Clinical genetic testing is carried out routinely for many different conditions to aid diagnosis and clinical management of patients. In some cases, genetic diagnosis can be critical for distinguishing between conditions with overlapping clinical symptoms. Neurofibromatosis type 2 and Schwannomatosis are two genetic...

LIVE talk | Epigenetics and Evolution | 18:30 (UK time), 14 September 2020.

LIVE streaming at YouTube 18:30 (UK time), 14 September 2020. Summary ‘I’m interested in how the information in our genes is read by our cells to make our bodies and how our genes and genomes evolve over time. For much of the past decade, I’ve been collecting data on how...


Vascular Dementia: Where the Cardiovascular System Meets the Brain

 Historically, infectious diseases have been at the forefront of public health concern but the rise of advances in health care has meant non-communicable diseases such as heart disease and dementia, are fast becoming the leading health problem of the modern era. By 2050 an estimated 106 million people will be living with...

Activity: DNA Detective

Dr Glenda Beaman has put together this fun DNA Detective activity, suitable for a wide range of ages. In the video of the activity below, one of our own, Katie Sadler, narrates and guides you through it. There are also subtitles available for the video if needed. In this activity,...

Hands on Activity: DIY DNA Extraction Experiment

Who is The Scouse Scientist? Holly Ellis grew up in Liverpool and was always a science geek. She studied biological sciences at Oxford University, afterwards she joined the NHS and completed their postgraduate scientist training program in genetics where she now works as a clinical scientist in genetics in the...



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